Friday, 21 July 2017

VIVO IPL Cricket Games 2017 Free Download

Are you are looking to download VIVO IPL cricket game 2017. But not able to find a good site.

Then don't worry.

Because today we provide you the IPL games for your PC and Android Devices. You can download those games or can play online here.

First I'll be talking about online games which you can play here. This list includes the best IPL cricket games.

Below are those cricket games which you can play online here.
Note: You can play these games only on your PC.

Now I want to move to those games which you can download and play on your PC or Android Device.

The first one will be for Android. But before downloading this game just read the system requirements from below.

IPL Game Details
Android 4.0+
RAM 512 MB
Free Space 400 MB(Recommended)
Price Free!
Download Now

PC Version

The PC version of this ipl game will be different from the Android version. In the PC version, you'll find the following features in this vivo ipl cricket games which you download here.

But in order to play it on your PC you need EA Sports Cricket 2007. Without this you can't play this game.

  1. High-Quality Stadiums.
  2. HD Kits for all the teams.
  3. Highly authentic Gameplay.
  4. HD Overlay.
  5. All the players will have different faces.
  6. All the players have their correct names.
  7. No six hitting on every ball.
  8. Need to build your innings.
This will be one of the best game you have ever played before. It's a must have a game.

In game have all the participant teams of the vivo ipl. Just to enhance our user experience we have corrected the names of all the players listed in this game.

So, we must recommend you to download this game for your device today.
Sachin Khanna
Sachin Khanna

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